Galley Copper

Galley Copper

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A new member of the 313inc spinner family. The Galley is a four lobed spinner with a nested button design in copper with a prismed starburst pattern with your choice of copper button. Includes 313inc's polyurethane ring bearing retention system for easy, no mess, no adhesive or tool needed for bearing changes. CNC machined.

*Spinner body is solid copper

*Button is solid copper with a stainless steel insert

*Total weight 5.6oz (159 grams)

*includes additional polyurethane ring  

*Approximately 2 inches (5 cm)  in diameter and .75 inches (2 cm) thick with button 

*SR188 Hybrid Ceramic bearing (ID .25inches x OD .5 inches x .1875 inches wide)  Stainless steel ring, Si3N4 Ceramic balls (open type, dry)

*Date of production, name and company engraved inside both spinner and on button

*Designed and made in the USA

*FREE domestic shipping in the continental US