Sorren Stainless Steel Bar Fidget Spinner

Sorren Stainless Steel Bar Fidget Spinner

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A new smaller 313inc bar spinner, lighter and more discrete in durable stainless steel. It houses a standard 3/16 inch R188 bearing that is a pressed fit with our polyurethane ring retention system. The ring sits in a precision groove cut to hold a bearing in place allowing for the changing of the spinner bearing in a simple and clean way. There is no adhesive used as adhesives may damage a bearing itself. We designed our retention system for the convenience of effortless bearing changes while keeping the balance and concentricity of the spinner and bearing itself.

* Solid stainless steel bar spinner with a stainless steel Keturi button - 3.4oz (96g)

* 1.97 inches ( 50mm) long x 1.25 inches (32mm) wide x .75 inches (19mm) thick with Keturi buttons in place.

* Stainless steel standard R188 Hybrid Ceramic - Si3N4 (1/2 inch (13mm) outer bore X 1/4 inch (6mm) inner bore x 3/16 inch (4.7mm) thick. 10 ball precision bearing

* This model is not tumbled or bead blasted. Parts are precision machined and as such have machining marks. The buttons are 3D machined.

* Includes an additional polyurethane ring, microfiber cloth and drawstring bag.

* Each spinner is serialized, has the production date and company signature.

* Designed and made in Michigan