Focus Gamma Stainless Steel

Focus Gamma Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel tri-spinner

* This model is not tumbled or bead blasted. Parts are precision machined and as such have machining marks. We take pride in our machining and the finish is similar to that of our other product or as seen in the pictures. The buttons are 3D machined.

*304 stainless steel body, button, button insert and retaining ring

*Stainless steel R188 (.500 inch outer bore X .250 inch inner bore x .125 inch thick) 10 ball precision bearing. Slip fit and held in with a .500 inch standard stainless steel snap ring that can be removed with .050 inch tip snap ring pliers.

*Measuring at approximately 2 inches in diameter.

*Weight is 4.3 oz

PLEASE NOTE: buttons are NOT backwards compatible with either the Focus or Focus V2.

*Designed and made in Michigan